Aoibhneas [iv' nas] is Irish Gaelic for the feeling of joy one feels from music, art, beautiful scenery or weather.  

I am currently taking new students for vocal technique, acting for singers, stage presentation, interpretation, audition input and accent modification.

I have a studio in Oradell, New Jersey as well as using various studios in the city as schedules allow:  
- Lissemore Studios 495 Fort Washington Ave, New York, NY
- Ripley Grier Studios - 520 8th Ave, New York, NY; 939 8th Ave, New York, NY; 131 W. 72nd St, New York, NY
- Opera America - 330 7th Ave, New York, NY


I started out as a Country singer but fell in love with opera in college.  I never lost that ability nor the love and style of singing Country, Irish and Folk, which I feel has made me a much stronger and interesting performer and a more rounded teacher.  What drew me to opera was the challenge of having to be so secure in my technique while being asked to do basically anything onstage - be it running up and down steps, carrying spears, square dancing, being raped on stage (and having to sing floaty high notes immediately after - and this after three hours of constant singing!), crying, nightmare scenes, or just quick costume changes and running to the next entrance and having to be calm, cool and in character.   

Our voices change as we grow older - but also from day to day, we deal with every conceived obstacle, from allergies, poor living situations, no sleep, lack of singing work, survival jobs that may not allow one to practice as often as one should(!!!) and unhealthy and excessive talking.....  As well as just living our lives, taking care of our kids, spouses and aging parents.  I have had to sing through so many obstacles that have come along in my life!   Although, at the time, I did not cherish these challenges, they have made me a much better, smarter and more empathetic performer - and teacher!!  I KNOW what it takes to get through a role and sometimes, that is all one can ask of oneself: to “get through it”.  But it takes a very strong technique and the smarts and physical stamina to do so!   

I am also very committed to helping my students grow musically and I insist on their knowing the ins and outs of every character and every sentence (actually, every word!) being “said” to and by each singer.  That being said, the technique must be as solid as possible and the singing be as healthy and free as possible.  Everything being sung must have an intention.  When technique, emotion and "telling the story" and being in the moment come together, everything works hand in hand for an optimal performance so you, your colleagues and the audience have more of those moments “we live for”.