Accent Modification

Singing with some of the best opera companies in the world, I have had the privilege and good fortune to coach with the best coaches in the world to learn the intricacies of sounding as if I were a native speaker of every language sung, be it German, French, Italian, Czech, Irish, Spanish... as well as numerous English accents: different Southern accents, different British accents, Brooklyn, or a Midwest accent (I've got THAT one down! :-) )   Being a student of Knight-Thompson Speech Work, I combine my years of coaching and performing with the Knight-Thompson work to help non-native English speakers learn how to physically make the sounds needed to be understood when speaking English.  I also work on vocabulary, inflections, phrasing, etc.


Coachings may be in person or via Zoom.  If you wish to coach in person, you must provide proof of vaccination and schedule a large, well ventilated, regularly sanitized space.  This may include a professional studio, but also a quiet restaurant or coffee shop.   Zoom works quite well, however, for accent modification.  

Until further notice, due to Covid, my Oradell studio is currently unavailable.  Thank you for your understanding

Studios usable at this time include:  

-Opera America - 330 7th Ave, NYC 
-Yeoryia Studios, Epic Security Building, 2067 Broadway, between 71st & 72nd
- Lissemore Studios - 495 Fort Washington Ave, New York, NY
- Ripley Grier Studios - 520 8th Ave, New York, NY; 939 8th Ave, New York, NY; 131 W. 72nd St, New York, NY