Acting the Audition 


The opera audition season is in full swing! I hope it’s going really well for you and you feel good about your auditions. 

Singers are so often unsure about how little or how much to “act” their arias in auditions. Auditions are their own crazy animal and can seem to unrealistic. I remember hearing that quite a bit - “auditions are so unnatural.... so awkward...”. Let’s try to think differently. If you think they are unnatural and awkward, you will come off as such. It is up to you to make them feel as…

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Toi Toi Toi: Here's to a Wonderful New Season  

Well here goes....!  My first blog.  I've been thinking of doing a blog for quite some time and I've known what the general idea would be, but I have so many ideas, I just didn't really know what I'd write about first.  With September being the "opening of the season" in general and tonight being the opening night at the Met , I thought this would be a good time to start!  I don't know how often I'll post but I do want to write.  

This particular blog entry will be geared toward young artists.  I find…

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