Due to Covid-19, all coachings are virtual via Zoom or Face Time.   Group classes can be done via Zoom.  Zoom has worked very well for both private coachings and classes!


Being a professional opera singer for over 25 years and a student at HB Studio, I combine my own experience and technique with Uta Hagen's teachings and exercises to help you, the singer, come to a fuller understanding of your character - "the new you" - to be in the moment, and be the most believable character  you can be.    Singers must know their translation word for word as well as the entire phrases - that goes for what you are saying and what is being said to you!  I work privately and give workshops.  We can work with pianists or without, whichever is needed at the time.  I work in studios in New York City, my studio in Oradell, NJ or via Zoom or Face Time.