Due to Covid-19, all coachings and workshops are done virtually, unless we have access to a large, well ventilated and regularly sanitized space.  Only the singer and accompanist (if absolutely necessary) are allowed in sessions and masks must be worn at all times except certain times for the singer.  Zoom has worked very well for both private coachings and classes!  Thank you for your understanding and consideration.


Being a professional opera singer for over 25 years and a student at HB Studio, I combine my own experience and technique with Uta Hagen's teachings and exercises to help you, the singer, come to a fuller understanding of your character - "the new you" - to be in the moment, and be the most believable character - person - you can be.    Singers must know their translation word for word as well as the entire phrases - that goes for what you are saying and what is being said to you!  I work privately and give workshops.  We can work with pianists or without, whichever is needed at the time.  I work in various studios in New York City, my studio in Oradell, NJ or via Zoom or Face Time.  I also give workshops in Chicago and will be happy to be brought to your city, town, college, university, etc.