A One Act Children's Opera by Keith Jameson, based on the book by Roger Duvoisin. 

Two casts,  self-recorded and videoed on-site by each singer  for SPOTLIGHT ON OPERA'S 2020 Season - completely virtual and online!

Directed by Beverly O'Regan Thiele, Music Direction by Kristin Roach, Audio and Video Editing by David Carriaga-Hobbs, Assistant Editing by Beverly O'Regan Thiele

"Petunie" - Kennedy Conrad

"King Rooster" - Daniel Willsey

"Clover/Ida/Cotton" - Michaela Lynn Rabideau

"Noisy/Straw/Donkey" - Devon Bain

"Petunia" - Gwendolyn DeLaney

"King Rooster" - Daniel Willsey

"Clover/Ida/Cotton" - Hayley Zavada

"Noisy/Straw/Donkey" - Bob Cagle

Presentation of the rose