Acting 4 Opera Singers

ACTING THOUGHTS (Sort of like SNL's "Deep Thoughts" LOL)

I've taken to rewriting smaller sections of some of my blog on my professional FB page, groups that I'm in and my LinkedIn.  Let's face it, the one on acting the audition was just too long.  So...  I'm doing smaller bits :-). 

When it comes to "props" start thinking of them and using them more as objects in your life!  "Your" - your character - the "new you".  Spend time with them to really give them a history and connection to "yourself".  Think about things in your own house; you have a connection to them - a history.  These things have a subliminal affect on you.  You'll be amazed at how much more comfortable you are onstage and in your environment (not to mention, as your character!  The same goes with objects that are new to "you" - your character.  It's the opposite, but how do you really react and handle them if you (your character) have never seen them before?  Pay attention in your day to day life.  Objects that were perhaps given to you by your late parent, spouse, grandparent; and objects you've never seen before and what he circumstance is under which you see and feel them for the first time.

I hope this gives you a little something to think about.  And as always: HAVE FUN! :-)   

***. I invite you to take a look at my stage pictures of STREETCAR at Washington National Opera.  I'm singing Blanche.  At the end of the opera, I (yes, I'm boxed out of my mind...) put on my old, out of date, worn out ball gown and tiara.  They take me back to my days of youth, happiness and innocence. These are very powerful objects to "me"!

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